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55" Medical Monitor with 4K resolution

55" Medical Monitor with 4K resolution

ST855GM-MD medical display features a 4K resolution 55" LED TFT AG glass touch-screen with a 3840x2160 resolution, 380 Cd/m2 luminance and 4000:1 Contrast ratio. The 4k resolution and DICOM compliance and a host of features such as GPIO remote control, Dual/Quad mode, ALS and UHD the ST855GM-MD provides consistent, reliable, and high-quality images for a multitude of clinical environments.

Main Features

  • Elegant fanless design

  • Anti-microbial coating

  • 55" TFT-LED Display

  • EN60601-1,EN60601-1-2

  • IP65 in front & IPx1 whole unit

  • ALS (optional)

  • GPIO Remote control (optional)

  • UHD signals configuration

  • Full mode: one UHD signal input (DVI or DP)

  • Dual mode: 2 signal inputs PBP or PIP

  • Quad mode: 4 FHD signal inputs

  • Luminance: 380 Cd/m2

  • Display Type: 4K


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