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AccuMed Shield Keyboard

AccuMed Shield Keyboard

The Accuratus Accumed range of medical grade keyboards & mice are specifically designed for environments which have to meet very high hygienic requirements such as hospitals, dental practices, cosmetic surgeries, doctors, vets, laboratories and in food & pharmaceutical production areas. Not only could these keyboards be used in hygienic areas, they would also be perfect in dusty, dirty and wet situations like workshops, boats and in vehicles. Our AccuMed range have all been designed so that there are no areas around the keys and buttons where dirt and germs can collect, the AccuMed Shield is extremely quick and easy to wipe clean as the top surface is completely flat, the perfect combination to aid with bacteria, virus, fungi and algae


Product Specification

  • USB interface ‘Plug and Play’ connection

  • Pure white, other colours made on request

  • Full UK 105 key layout

  • Fully sealed IP68 design, 100% waterproof

  • The complete keyboard has Antibacterial protection, designed to deactivate bacteria, virus, fungi and algae over time

  • Compatible with all hospital disinfectants

  • Clear and easy to read key legends, keycaps shapes are printed on the silicone top

  • Internal key structure is plastic for enhanced durability and feel

  • Keys have a tactile feel to allow for comfortable and natural typing

  • Durable rigid plastic top and bottom housing with internal plastic structure, flat silicone top is locked in between the top and bottom housing

  • Flat silicone top, designed for fast and easy cleaning

  • Designed so that there are no areas around keys that dirt and germs can collect, the top surface is completely flat

  • Easy to clean with a wet cloth or in water

  • Fully sealed casing, dust, water and chemical resistant, IP68 rated

  • Integrated fold out feet on the bottom for keyboard tilt

  • Status LED's (Caps, Num & Scroll Lock)

  • Brown/white box environment friendly packaging

Physical Specification

  • Dimensions: 480 x 170 x 25.9 mm (l x w x h)

  • Weight: 700g

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