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Medical Barcode Scanner and Cradle Bundle

Medical Barcode Scanner and Cradle Bundle

The D745/D755 Medical Barcode Scanner bundle consists of the Durascan D755 Scanner and charging cradel.

The D745/D755 is built with medical grade plastic to withstand daily cleaning and harsh disinfectant solutions to help prevent the spread of germs. Its environ-mental seal is IP54 rated to protect the unit from dust, water, blood, alcohol and bacteria. Its durable design was built to be dropped hundreds of times. The scan button was tested to handle over five million presses in environments needing fre-quent scanning. The D755 scans small barcodes such as the ones used on vials and syringes. It scans barcodes displayed on a screen or printed, on curved and reflective surfaces. 

More Details: D745 / D755

The cradle is designed to charge the DuraScan D745 and D755 – a medical-grade, universal scanner built for healthcare environments – the Medical Grade Charging Cradle allows for safe daily cleaning and sanitizing with popular medical-grade disinfectant solutions. It comes with a multi-angle mounting bracket that allows set up in different positions on a flat surface or attaching to a wall.

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