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From a simple trolley with a tablet PC mount through to a powered, medicine dispensing station with lockable drawers and dual screen mount, Sumo Healthcare’s range of mounting platforms are designed to address the complex requirements of today’s healthcare environment. Our carts are designed to be:

  • Useable: straightforward operating mechanisms require the minimal amount of training and familiarisation;

  • Infection free: with standard cleaning processes and optional anti-microbial coatings, our carts provide exceptional infection control performance;

  • Serviceable: the simple and elegant design, together with the modular design results in a cart that is easy to assemble and easy to maintain;

  • Modular: so, they can be configured to the specific needs of your healthcare scenario ultimately resulting in a lower cost to the end user;

  • Future Proofed: the componentised architecture of our carts allows modifications and updates to be easily applied, new features can be added, or a cart can be reconfigured, prolonging the life of the cart and protecting your investment;

  • A Solution Component: with the addition of a PC, medical device, and software application, our carts become part of a total healthcare solution.

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