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About Us


SUMO Technologies Ltd. was founded in 1999 with a mission to provide more options to users and system integrators in the growing thin-client and embedded systems markets. Since that time we have expanded to offer our customers a much larger variety of solutions and service making it possible to take computing to previously impossible environments a possibility.

The success of our SUMO range gives us the opportunity and knowledge to work with our partners to design even better solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s needs. Our latest line of products come in all shapes and sizes bringing new opportunities to take computing to all the places that are not suitable for a PC to be deployed. 

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In 2017 we brought together nearly 20 years expertise of delivering innovative solutions with experts in the field of healthcare technology, to create Sumo Healthcare.

Recognising the distinct requirements of healthcare, and the focus needed to ensure that products and solutions meet those requirements Sumo+ Healthcare sources products from leading manufacturers throughout the world, and partners with innovative companies in Europe, to deliver solutions that will make a difference.

Our Team


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David Turlington
Chief Executive and Chief Engineer
William Turlington

Managing Director

Gareth Wilson
Financial Director
Simon Philpott
General Manager
Client in Focus


Our clients are from public and private healthcare in  Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Consisting of public health systems, hospitals, clinics and healthcare technology providers. 

“Running our software on sumo hardware has made a big difference in how our clients interact with our system.  Their responsiveness and helpfulness when supporting us has been excellent”

Colm Connolly PhD

Senior Solutions Engineering

SyncrPhi Systems Ltd

SynchroPhi are  dedicated to developing informatics systems for deployment in healthcare settings. The company has maintained a certified medical-grade Quality Management System (ISO13485) since 2008 and all of its product development work complies with the Medical Device Software Standard (EN62304). Its KEWS300 product is CE-marked in compliance with the EU’s Medical Device Directive and is also FDA-cleared. The company is based in Galway, in the heart of Ireland’s medtech hub.

Contact Us


Our Address

Sumo House

8 Showfield Industrial Estate


North Yorkshire

YO17 6BT

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1904 670670

Fax: +44 (0) 1904 670570


Office Hours

Monday – Friday  9AM – 5.30pm

Closed on Bank Holidays.


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