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The SUMO Healthcare Powered Workstation combines a Medical All-in-One PC with a powered rolling cart. Select from 20", 22” or 24” touch-screens, hot-swappable battery or mains power, a choice of Intel i-Core processors, up to 1TB storage, and up to 32GB of memory. Mounted on a mobile workstation with fingertip electric height adjustment, with up to 4 AC sockets with a power out of 230/240v at 350W, and manufactured in aluminium with a stylish cast acrylic work surface to provide a durable, and cleanable workspace. Both PC and workstation are highly configurable and are available with a number of accessories ensuring that the correct solution is deployed, further the modular design allows optional extras to be added to the workstation at a later date, ensuring that the Sumo Powered Workstation responds to the changing demands of your healthcare environment

Powered Workstation

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