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The newly designed AccuMed Medical 540V2 keyboard offers new ultra slim keys whilst still offering an excellent tactile and responsive feel. The keyboard can be fully cleaned and wiped over in literally seconds and also has a handy power on/off button, enabling you to turn the keyboard off during cleaning, preventing keys sending messages to the PC. There is also a cleaning reminder which enables you to set the time span required for cleaning (30min, 1hr, 2hr or 4hr) which aids infection control as the user is prompted to clean this washable keyboard regularly. The 540 still has our NANOARMOUR-2 dual layer antibacterial protection impregnated in the silicone and coated on the surface to aid in deactivating germs/build up of bacteria & virus's. 

This medical keyboard is completely washable, making it HTM 01-05 compliant and ideal for any medical application and clean room environment. For complete ease and comfort the keyboard comes with an angled and contoured base to assist when using on the desk or on your lap/hands. The range are specifically designed for environments which have to meet very high hygienic requirements such as hospitals, dental practices, cosmetic surgeries, doctors, vets, laboratories and in food & pharmaceutical production areas. Not only could these keyboards be used in hygienic areas, they would also be perfect in dusty, dirty and wet situations like workshops, boats and in vehicles. 

What is NANOARMOUR and how does it work?
NANOARMOUR contains silver nano particles which have an antibacterial activity. Silver nano particles have been used on a wide range of high-end medical products and have been proven to help deactivate Escherichia coli, Staphyloccocus aurous and so many more bacteria... The NANOARMOUR properties will help to deactivate bacteria and virus’s. Please contact us if you would like a test report on the technology used.

As the silver nano particles size is about 1-20 nm while the bacteria cell size is 100-1000 nm, silver nano particles can enter into the cell then release the silver ion to combine with thiol, carboxyl, hydroxyl group in cell to deactivate the following functions:


1 - Combine with respiratory enzyme to cause suffocation
2 - Bind with protease enzyme and cause indegestion
3 - Bind with DNA’s and inhibit cell replication

After the bacterial cell functions are disturbed by the silver nano particles, cell damage and the death of the bacteria cell occur, also inhibiting cell reproduction.


Keyboard & Mouse Features and Specifications
• USB interface
• Available in black or pure white casing, other colours made on request
• Mini UK key layout with clear and easy to read key legends
• High resolution large area wide touchpad with left / right mouse buttons and scrolling
• Carbon on gold high quality key contact technology
• New design ultra slim 1mm tall keys so that the keyboard can be easily wiped clean
• Keys still have a tactile feel to allow for comfortable and natural typing 
• Illuminated cleaning reminder, enabling time span to be set for cleaning (30min, 1hr, 2hr or 4 hr) 
• Power on/off button so the keyboard can be turned off during cleaning, preventing key strokes 
being sent to the computer
• Moulded USB plug cover to put over the USB plug, so the keyboard can be immersed and cleaned away from the computer
• Durable rigid silicone body with NANOARMOUR-2 dual layer antibacterial protection

• The NANOARMOUR technology is made up using Silver nano particles
• Passes the JIS Z 2801:2001 antimicrobial test standards
• Designed so that there are no areas around keys that dirt and germs can collect
• Easy to clean with a wipe, wet cloth or in water
• Rigid keyboard with sealed silicone coating
• Fully sealed silicone casing, dust, water and chemical resistant, IP67 rated
• Designed to work in temperatures from -20'C to +50'C
• Status LED's (Caps, Num & Scroll Lock)
• White box environment friendly packaging
• EAN 13 Barcode No. 5060055464818 (Black), 5060055464825 (White) 
• LED Backlit, VESA Mount and Wireless version available on request

Physical Specifications
• Dimensions: 289 x 227 x 27 mm (l x w x h)
• Weight: 1000g
• Cable Length: 1.5M

USB Mini Sealed IP67 Antibacterial Clinical / Medical Keyboard with Touchpad

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